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The Haunted Halls of Atlantis Labs



October 4th-26th, Friday and Saturday Nights



2417 Bank Drive, Boise, ID


New Halloween Attraction in The Treasure Valley!

Boise, ID, September 1st, 2019. For the month of October, the fun filled adventure of
Atlantis Labs, presented by 2417 Experience, is transformed into The Haunted Halls
of Atlantis Labs.

The remnants of this once prestigious scientific facility will be transformed into a fright
fest of epic proportions. Subtle hints of tragedy will be replaced by the horrific echoes of
the fatal disasters that led to the labs closure. For 13 nights the barrier between the past
and present will weaken, and the victims who perished within will hijack this doomed
facility and have their way with those who dare to enter!

From October 3rd through Halloween, our usual experience will be overtaken by two new

1. 6pm- 8pm – “The Thinning Veil”: A tour through the “Haunted Halls of Atlantis
Labs” including a narrative overlaid with chilling effects and a creepy
transformation of the original environment. Recommended for younger visitors
and those not prepared for utter terror. ($15 per visitor)

2. 8pm-Midnight – “The Haunted Halls”: A puzzling scavenger hunt riddled with
live action thrills and frights designed to distract you from your goal of escaping

the forsaken spirits trapped within the labs. Perfect for those who like to be
scared out of their wits. ($25 per visitor)

2417 Experience also features an illusion and science themed gift shop.
The 2417 Experience is part of the Gem Center for the Arts, which also includes the
Gem Theatre, art galleries, a dance studio, and The Lounge at the End of the

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