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The (8th Annual!) ​Horrific Puppet Affair 



October 7th-November 2nd


Gem Center for the Arts

2417 Bank Drive, Boise, ID


The (8th Annual!)
​Horrific Puppet Affair 

An HGT Original Production 
October 17 - November 2


​For a generation of kids raised on PeeWee's Playhouse, Dinosaurs and, of course, Sesame Street, puppets are practically a primal link—a cord tying kids raised in the 1980s to that burst of creativity in the afterglow of punk rock, the advent of The Simpsons and MTV. Although, puppets may be a childs' entree to the weirdness of real life, the playmakers at HomeGrown Theatre know this to be true: puppets aren’t just for kids. Enter THE HORRIFIC PUPPET AFFAIR, a cabaret of short horror puppet plays built to make your inner child squirm and scream. A punk-rock continuation of the Victorian art of Toy Theatre, THE HORRIFIC PUPPET AFFAIR tells strange stories through a wide variety of puppets, hand and rod, shadow-play, marionette, and other bizarre summations.

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