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Performing Arts

The Gem Center for the Arts supports the performing arts through three main avenues:

Performance Subsidies


Originated Theater

The Gem intends to subsidize performance space for up-and-coming theater companies in need of affordable space to expand their craft, experiment, and break barriers. By subsidizing an average of $600-$1000 dollars per production in rehearsal and performance space and equipment usage. The Gem allows companies to focus on creating meaningful new work without the constrictions of having to meet commercial quotas for ticket sales. This also allows these smaller theaters to actually pay their artists for their time and craft.

48 weekends a year will be set aside in our black box theater for performances of this type leaving the Gem to subsidize 16 productions a year. Including technical artists, actors, and directors, each production facilitates work for 12-20 artists, not including the managing staff of each theater.




The Gem Center for the Arts instills performance art skills from the ground up.

Classes include but are not limited to:
(Many classes will culminate with an on-stage presentation of skills acquired)


Character Creation (various versions from toddler level to in-depth adult training in character acting)

Mommy-and-Me Storytelling (toddlers)

Acting Theory


Devised Theater

Place in Play (site-specific story creation techniques)
Prop Building

Acting of all levels



Long-form Improv

Short-form Improv

Stand-up Comedy


Guitar (various levels)
Voice (various levels)



Aside from classes, our theater program will solicit regional, national, and international experts in various fields to lead workshops, lectures, and performances in order to help local artists build their craft, inspire and educate the community on the possibilities and joys of enjoying the performing arts.


In addition, the Gem Center for the Arts creates 1-2 productions of its own each year, which act as collaborations across discipline. The focused of these programs will be to create interaction and collaboration between visual artists, performing artists, and makers of all kinds.

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