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In early 2018, 31 visual artists will move into studios in the Gem Center. Where they'll work, collaborate, find support, and have an opportunity to create a business from their passions.

This is just the beginning of the impact we project for 2018.

We have room for 200 teaching artists to share their gifts, support themselves, and bring art, STEM, and innovation to our community. They'll teach entrepreneurship, kids coding, writing, host camps and intensives on everything from flimmaking to dialects to walletmaking.

These classes can serve up to 3000 community members, artists and children by introducing them to the arts or expanding their skills. Our upcoming scholarship programs will help us ensure that a minimum of 15 percent of these community members come from the undeserved communities who often need art most.

Several small theaters have already rehearsed with us or signed up to produce in the Gem Center for the Arts at less than 40% of market value. Leaving them more freedom to push the boundaries of their craft, keep ticket prices accessible for the community and actually pay their artists. We expect 3-4 more in the upcoming months.

These theaters provide an outlet and employment for up to 20 artists per performance. At nearly 20 performances scheduled for next year, that's 400 performing artists making and experimenting.

This means that at a bare minimum 5280 community members will have an opportunity to connect, appreciate, and access extraordinary and collaborative performance artwork.

We're also subsidizing 12 art exhibits at no cost to our artists in our main-floor gallery space. These 12 shows will represent upward of 50 artists of varying disciplines.

We calculate that this will help us inspire and touch 6,000-10,000 community members each year.

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